A huge project for Baron, we set out to create a series of videos for our broadcast sales people.
After a couple of months of preproduction, we hired crew and shot in Nashville for two days. 
Our goal was to end up with the finished videos as well as a heap of footage we can repurpose for other marketing material. To accomplish that, we hired actors instead of using actual meteorologists, and we chose to screen-replace everything in post so we could repurpose the footage for other videos.
Producer & Writer: Lance Cooper
Director & Editor: David Sikes
Director of Photography: Joel Banta
Camera: Wade Woods
Motion tracking: Juan Bedolla
Makeup & Wardrobe: Nina Banta
Footage from the home location in Nashville.
Motion graphics were used instead of showing the screen for the sake of future-proofing the b-roll and giving us options for future purposes.
As seen below, we shot everything for screen replacement, so we woudln't be limited to how our products currently look, or even to just using the footage for only one product. 
The videos are intended to live in a powerpoint or keynote presentation. To aid this, the graphics were designed to match everything about the presentation. Our designer even made a design guidelines document so everything would be presented with a single, cohesive feel.
We shot all other scenes locally in Huntsville with minimal crew.
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