This is a collection of graphics and videos created for pregame events at the Kansas City Royals during my time there. The Royals event presentation team take special pride in their pregame events, so the ceremonies, games, and presentations are numerous. In an attempt to keep things fresh with 81 regular season home games, they routinely refresh or update the look of these segments.
"Raised Royal" was the marketing theme for the 2017 season. The round blue logo was created by the Royals marketing department, and I made this animation using Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Element 3D, and After Effects. 
"Royals Rundown" was pitched as the '18 title for a segment during home games where the local Fox Sports anchors spoke about tonight's game (previously known as "Today's/Tonight's Matchup")
The 2017 look for the broadcaster's segment.
"Take A Look Ahead" was a segment to preview future games' marketing initiatives—this included theme games, special deals, giveaway nights, and more.
The 2017 look for "Take A Look Ahead". 
A welcome video that ran every game featuring different players and Royals figures. I didn't make this from scratch, but updated the video with footage from the 2015 world series run, added a new color grade for a more consistent look across the video, created a new player intro look, and created the close animation in Element 3D. 
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