Among the most iconic of Royals traditions in the current clubhouse is the Salvy Splash. Fans love Salvy, so we made a fan cam where they had the opportunity to get "splashed" by him. 

We shot the footage for this at spring training, with the opening shot by having Salvy literally "splash" a GoPro. I composited the elements together in After Effects, and added animated elements from Cinema 4D. 

The real challenge was setting up such a the cam on the Ross switcher with only two channels of chroma key available on its 4 MEs. We wanted Salvy to have a variety of reactions after each splash, so each of those were programmed in—and we wanted Salvy to be able to pop up on top of any footage, so we had to reserve an entire ME for just the open and close. 

It was a technical challenge, but the fans loved it—and so did the sponsor!
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