I was fortunate enough to work on season 2 of The Dominant Ones, an interview show hosted by Dominique Wilkins and Kelly AuCoin that dives deep into the idea of dominance by interviewing influential people who are dominant in their fields.
I worked as editor for the project and executed motion graphics for each episode and the weekly social posts promoting each episode.
The challenge of this season was navigating the pandemic. The show was recorded via Zoom calls in 2020, so our challenge was twofold: First, creating a look that still felt premium for the season, and second, the technical challenges for me as an editor in editing Zoom recordings which are heavily compressed and suffer from artifacts that affect the ability to easily edit each angle. 
My approach to the edit was to cut it like a live show. From my time working as a technical director with the Royals, I became familiar to how looks are set up in a switcher. So I created the same experience by making sequences with each separate look and setting up a multicam sequence made from these different looks. 
This was made in such a way where I could flip each episode by replacing the three ISO shots of each interview participant once and have them update everywhere. 
Consequently, editing each episode was incredibly fun. I would watch each interview back in realtime and switch angles as though it was live, only slowing down to do precision work or to remove media from the edit.
The entire season was a creative and technical challenge that I am immensely proud to be have played a role in. The Dominant Ones team is a special bunch that values everyone's input and allows swings. They aim for dominance in their work, expect it from others, and create something together that is really remarkable.
The show is produced by Chris Nalley with motion design by Mad Ezzati. 
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