At Knight Eady, our mantra is "We Believe In Sports." 

When we say that we mean more than the competition. We believe in the power of sports to impact lives, unify divided people, and shape communities. 

Around the office, we talk about it. We share inspiring articles we read, or swap personal anecdotes. We have this mantra on our shirts and our walls. It's woven into every interaction you might have with Knight Eady.

But we wanted to go further. We wanted to bring in more voices to talk about the power of sports, and hear from influential figures who have first-hand experience. And so, the We Believe In Sports podcast was born.

In our first season, we've talked to people like Tom Rinaldi, Wendell Hudson, Craig Annis, and many more. 

The show is hosted by Michael Eady with support from Katie Jernigan and Summer Wales. 

Branding for the podcast was created by Alex Perkins. 

I record and edit each episode.
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