I'm David Sikes. 
I'm an award-winning creative with a unique blend of specialized creative skills, an empathetic leadership style, and a structured approach to problem-solving.
My love for leading others caught me by surprise. 
I assumed a leader was the person with the biggest vision, the person with the most charisma, or the brashest, most "enneagram eight" person in the room. 
I always thrived being a "doer," focused on execution over vision. However, over time I found myself being looked to more and more for guidance with questions that were bigger than individual creative skills - creating workflows, project management, budgets, interpersonal conflict resolution, etc. 
This trend was made official when I was placed as the head of the creative department of Knight Eady, leading a group of talented creatives with backgrounds in design, photography, and video production.
I have learned that leadership, for me, looks different than what I thought it had to be. It leans into my natural strengths of empathy, problem-solving, organization, and communication. 
In everything I do—leadership, creative, writing—I begin with empathy and go from there. I'll leave the brashness to others. 
My favorite projects have always been the same: when someone has a big vision but no idea how to execute it. I thrive working backward from that end, identifying each problem that needs to be solved and developing creative solutions that rely on my diverse skillset or bringing in others who can do it better.
My skill set began with photography and writing as a kid and focused on video and motion design in my career. Along the way, I've added live production, audio production, and just enough graphic design to fake it. I'll also bring the coffee.
My wife and I recently relocated to Huntsville to raise our family in our favorite city in the south. I'm currently pursuing creative growth by bringing my camera with me outdoors as often as possible. 
I work as Director of Marketing for Stovehouse, a historic factory reimagined as a mixed-use development in the heart of our beloved Huntsville.
Before this move, I had the joy of leading a group of remarkable creatives at Knight Eady, a creative agency built on a belief in sports. Before KE, I worked as Manager of Event Production at the Kansas City Royals, building animations and videos for in-venue entertainment, managing the production switcher and graphics system, and serving as technical director.